Linux Tools Overview

This section contains a collection of important Linux 3rd party tools. Moreover, a short installation description with WWW installation references per tool is given as pre-package entry point. The targeted Linux system is Debian.

Tool List

Package Priority

Follow the priority list below:

  1. bfh-logisim
  2. emacs-vhdl-mode
  3. intel_quartus_prime_lite
  4. eclipse
  5. xilinx_ise-wp
  6. ngspice
  7. visascope
  8. geda

Package Work-Follow

  1. Download the corresponding SW source
  2. Create a new tool page under the current name space by copy the tmpl_tool
  3. Do a test installation an complete the installation guide
  4. Document fixes, patches etc. (Documentation style : Problem : <SUBJECT> <DESCRIPTION>, Solution <?n> : <SUBJECT> <DESCRIPTION>
  5. Push the source with the installation description to the correct Git repository
  6. Write E-Mail to bfh-linux-tool mailing list
  7. ITS is going to pack the tool and notify if it's ready for installation and testing
  8. Testing by the user, that sent the request
  9. Testing by others
  10. When fixed and all tests are successful go on to completion of the process
  11. Move the tool to internal stable repository
  12. Switch the under construction or experimental notification in the wiki description to tested ore remove the mark entirely


Complete list
Priorize list
Upload tool src and installation description
Create DEB Packages of the listed tools