Applied Research & Development

The goal of HuCE-microLab is to realize applied R&D projects together with industries. In today’s society, handling electronic appliances is an everyday aspect of life. State-of-the-art technologies and their meaningfull application are intended to provide support for people and facilitate their daily lives. In order to achieve this aim, the laboratory cluster forming the master research unit TAM conducts research into "Biomedical Engineering" and "Human Interface Technologies".

Within this laboratory cluster, HuCE-microLab has focused on hardware algorithms and hardware/software co-design for system-on-chip solutions with emphasis on rapid prototyping. The growing need for high computing capacities and energy efficiency in portable applications has led to hardware algorithms and combined hardware/software algorithms in image processing and control.

The close collaboration with industries, and the focus on applied research and design, has led to a spin-off company from HuCE-microLab's activities: see Axsionics Inc.