Semi-invasive 3D Mapping System for Cardiac Arrhythmias esophagus ECG catheter design 2019
The E2corder (Esophageal ECG Recorder) An esophageal implantable device to record the heart rhythm during 30 days 2018
Mess- und Informationssystem für Monitoring in der Fussball-Ausbildung Sensoren und Algorithmen zur Extraktion von Schlüsselinidkatoren im Fussball 2018
Eyetracking for Sports Sport Outdoor Brille mit 5 integrierten FPGAs für high-speed Eye-Tracking Hardware-Algorithmen 2017
Body Sensor Network Sensor nodes are integrated into a local positioning system (LPM) for real-time sport games analysis 2014
Dynamic Contour Tonometer Lens Low Power, Wirless Pressure Sensing and Recording Electronics 2013
Parallelization of OCT Hardware Algorithms OCT implementation on small credit card size FPGA board 2013
GECKO: General Purpose System-on-Chip HW/SW Co-Design Environment An educational robot and SOC research platform 2012
Arc Fault Detection in PV Systems Arc Fault Detection in Photovoltaic Applications 2012
Optical Coherence Tomography Engine High-Speed Hardware Algorithm Design for Signal Processing 2012
Real-Time Dietary Assesement and Physical Activity Analysis in Dietry Counseling A smart-phone application 2012
Smart DAQ Time-of-Flight for Mass Spectrometry High-Speed Data Acquisition and Signal processing Hardware Algorithms 2011
Motion Analysis and Signal Processing in Race Bicycles Low power wireless sensor network 2011