Industry Services

HuCE-microLab offers a project based service to industries. This may start with dedicated presentations to short technology courses in our specialization domains, it may be consulting or outsourcing of either applied research projects or design projects. Such projects are executed by young and highly motivated staff engineers, guided by technological experts. The motivation behind these services is to bridge the gap between university and industrial environment and foster a technology transfer in both directions.
Our main specialization domains are:
  • hardware algorithm design
  • hardware/software co-design, system-on-chip
  • microelectronics (ASIC, FPGA)
  • signal and image processing
  • control
  • low power sensor device networks
In the past we realized numerous industrial and more than a dozen state funded research projects. Our dedicated lab equipment can also be used/rented by SME in order to avoid investments for infrequent used equipment, like:
  • wafer prober
  • mobile, computerized measuring system
  • prototype soldering equipment (stencil printer, placer, BGA rework system, soldering oven)
  • high speed digital oscilloscope