The research group HuCE-microLab develops hardware-algorithms in microelectronics, signal-processing and control. The group concentrates on application-specific implementations of algorithms in hardware solutions using ASIC or FPGA. When implementing algorithms using the method of hardware/software co-design, we profit from combinations of both, the flexible microprocessor technology and the high-speed application-specific ASIC/FPGA technology.

Applied research projects on the following subjects have been, or are being conducted:
  • hardware/software system-on-chip co-design platform (GECKO project) for rapid prototyping
  • wireless, low power sensor device networks for sport, health or industrial application
  • hardware algorithms for optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • hardware algorithms for model predictive control (MPC)
  • long-term esophageal ECG monitoring system
  • lossy sigma-delta AD converters (for current based sensors)
  • motor control hardware/software algorithms (brushles, sensorless DC, and others)
  • embedded biometry: fingerprint algorithms using low processing power and limited memory
  • RFID anticollision hardware algorithms
  • fuzzy processor hardware
  • ...