Master of Science in Engineering

The 7 Swiss universities of applied sciences offer a common Master of Science in Engineering (MSE), staring in autumn 2008. Thisl approved master has a duration of 1.5 years, needing 90 ECTS credit points. Politicians claim, that the top 20% of the bachelor students can apply for admission at any of the 7 Swiss universities of applied sciences, especially also at Bern University of Applied Science (BFH). Interested students first select one of the so called master research units (MRU), for example the Technology Serving People (Technologie am Menschen, TAM) which offer master specializations like Human Interface Technology in our case. Students will only be accepted as master students when they can find a professor in an MRU approving their application.

In the master courses page the Human Interface Technology specialization is described and its master courses are listed. To get an impression of the seminar and project work, some reports are published in the corresponding sections.

To get some general informations about the master in engineering pleas follow this Link: Master of Science in Engineering

HuCE-microLab offers together with SME companies for excellent and highly motivated master students an Industry Sponsored Master. The Industry Sponsored Master is based on the following ideas:

  • The master student works on an industrial relevant project during the master thesis.
  • The master student gets a part time job at HuCE-microLab during his complete master study of 1.5 years. The length of the master study may be prolonged, depending on the degree of the sponsoring (25% to 50%).
  • Both, master student and the sponsoring company closely collaborate together, which probable may lead to a future job at the sponsoring company.

Ftal master students, decided to spezialize in Human Interface Technologies at MRU-TAM can apply for an Industry Sponsored Master at the same time as applying for a master advisor at any of the HuCE-microLab professors.