HuCE-microLab is equipped with a modern infrastructure including:

  • 30 academic licenses for chip design tools (Cadence, Synopsys, Xilinx)
  • state-of-the-art measurement equipment
  • ASIC testing and bonding
  • BGA/SMD production line including printer, pick-and-place system, soldering oven

Infrastructure Access to SME

Fast electronic prototyping is a key issue in industrial and research projects. HuCE uses its fast prototyping infrastructure not only for internal projects but also gives access to SME to its modern infrastructure on a project basis.

ASIC Testing and Bonding

The highlight in our ASIC testing and assembly line is the semi-automatic wire-bonder. In combination with the die-bonder, we can achieve a very high miniaturization by directly bonding our ASICs to various substrates, including PCBs.

Wafer Prober

A wafer-prober is the first step in ASIC measurement and testing before cutting the wafer to dies. Standard testing equipment can be attached to the wafer prober using active probes with capacitive load as low as 50 Femto Farad.


The Tresky T-4909 die-bonder is a manual, high quality die-bonder with a pleasant ergonomic design. The die-bonder incorporates so called True Vertical Technology, which guarantees parallelism between chip and substrate at any bond height. The placement accuracy is 10 mm.

Semiautomatic Wire-Bonder

The F&K Delvotec 5630 is a semi-automatic 60/100kHz ultra-sonic wire-bonder with a rotary bond-head for wedge/wedge bonding with Al/Au wires from 17.5 mm up to 75 mm diameter. It features a work area of 100 x 100 mm2, a rotary bond-head with Z-stroke. Within minutes, the bonder is converted into a pull/shear tester simple adjustments.
YouTube: Micro Desktop Factory 56xx

SMD/BGA Production Line

With our low-volume SMD/BGA production line we offer fast electronic prototyping for R&D and for NPI (new product introduction). Some reference project we produced at our site.

Semiautomatic Printer with Vision

The SP004 semiautomatic stencil printer makes it easy for the operator to print precise and reproducible fine structures. Stencil alignment is eased by the help of two vision cameras. All important parameters are machine controlled. PCB thickness from 0.5 to 5mm.

Modular Pick & Place for High Mix Production

The FLX2011 pick & place is state of the art. It offers an extraordinary application range, ideal for R&D, low volume NPI and high-mix production. It features easy programming and set-up, and an intelligent feeder and inventory concept. The vision system allows to work with fine-pitch ICs down to 0.03mm and has a component range from 01005 to 50mm x 50mm.
YouTube: FLX2011

VPS Soldering System

Vapor phase soldering (VPS), also known as condensation soldering, provides accurate temperature profile during the soldering process. The process itself minimized oxidation during soldering. We have excellent process outputs with our VPS systems in Fine-Pitch BGA soldering due to the following process behaviors:

  • High energy efficiency due to the high heat transfer coefficient of vapor phase media
  • Soldering is oxygen-free. There is no need for any protective gas such as nitrogen
  • No overheating of assemblies. The maximum temperature assemblies can reach is limited by the boiling point of the medium
The system we use is the Exmore VS-500 whit a process chamber of 50x50 cm.
YouTube: Exmore VS-500

Batch Reflow Oven

The RO-06-Plus is a prototyping oven with motorized drawer for automatic processing. The combo-heater system using convection/infrared ensures homogeneous temperature distribution and enables steep ramps. It has an integrated microprocessor for profile control and storage. To reduce oxidation during the soldering process the system operates with a Nitrogen atmosphere.