Module BTF3220: Digital Electronics 1

Course Description

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Course Schedule and Material

This is the course syllabus of the course Digital Electronics 1.


  • Exercise Book questions [PDF]
  • Exercise Book solutions [PDF]


The course slides can be downloaded as a PDF file. The handout version is recommended for lecture notes and as printout. The slides has been originally created by Prof. Dr. Theo Kluter.

Note: The slides will be updated during this semester, so please check regulary.


The Digital Technology course lectured by Andreas Habegger is an introduction to combinational and sequential digital circuit design. This course can be downloaded in two different forms ones with empty pages to bind as a booklet and ones without. The course book has been initially created by Prof. Dr. Marcel Jacomet and adapted by Prof. Dr. Theo Kluter.

  • The german booklet [PDF]
  • The french booklet [PDF]
  • The german version without empty pages [PDF]
  • The french version without empty pages [PDF]

BFH LogiSim

The BFH LogiSim is a version of LogiSim, that has been extended with a circuit to VHDL translation engine. Originally, the software has been developed by Dr. Carl Burch - Link to LoigiSim.
Use the software for practicing as well as solving digital electronic questions. Later in this course as well as during the laboratory sessions you will work whit the software exhaustive.

How to start LogiSim

Windows / Mac OS X
  • Download and install Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
  • Download LogiSim BFH Version
  • Double-click the JAR file to run the program

Linux (debian)
  • Open a terminal (CLI)
  • run the cmd : sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install default-jre
  • Download LogiSim BFH
  • cd
  • java -jar logisim_BFH.jar


The laboratory work (labs) in digital electronics provide a platform for students to practice the design and implementation of digital circuits. The labs will be introduced by the lecturer during the course. Additional material will be distributed at the begin of each lab or as arranged by the lecturer.


For a better exam preparation a template exam in french as well as german can be downloaded.